THE BAR SCENE:  It's not that your eardrums or liver can't handle it - your needs have changed.  Radically!

DinnerWorks™ founder Susan Kates knows that adult singles have 'evolved' since their early dating days.  She also knows that these seminars are a completely different experience from all the other 'singles' functions out there:
A large group of single adults, sober, talking together about how to make better quality connections. Hm...
Susan helped develop the DinnerWorks™ "rotational dinner dating concept" and bought the franchise in 2003 and has worked in this service niche ever since.   She also sits on the Board of the Matchmaking Institute.  Her extensive experience taught Sue a great deal about what adult singles need.

Sue has seen a lot of inventive concepts attempted in the world of matchmaking/dating, some that have proven quite successful, others that appeared to have breakthrough potential (think Online/Internet Dating), but fell flat for a multitude of reasons.  Two key lessons she has learned from her years in the singles services world are:
  1. Adults who find themselves single (after about 35 for women and about 40 for men) are very different in terms of their relationship needs from their late-teens to early-30's selves (when "Is he/she HOT and willing to date me?" was enough to move us towards a long-term relationship).
  2. People at this new stage of life only experience REAL dating success when they meet face to face (and ideally in a state of relative sobriety!). 
Online dating sites can oftentimes be good secondary tools for adults, but Internet Dating is rarely a means to an end!

People who have matured have learned what they really want and what to avoid in potential partners. You need to meet a LOT of people just to turn up a few prospects with real potential!

'Grown-ups' know it's no longer just about that mysterious chemistry thing, hooking up with the next attractive individual to happen along, it's about finding true compatibility based upon:
  • Shared interests, 
  • Complementary character traits,  
  • Deeply-held values,
  • AND chemistry (which can only be measured in person)!
Sue came to understand that we cannot hope to meet a large enough quantity of eligible adults face-to-face through wine-tastings, dinners, bike-tours, or cooking classes alone.
No dating service exists for eligible adults that matches the random, real life exposure to a lot of new people that going out to bars and dance clubs used to give us.  None. 
Back then, on any given evening we knew we'd be in the company of dozens and dozens of singles without doing more than paying a cover charge (and our expectations, outside of 'love at first sight'/'THE One', were actually pretty low!).

No, none of us really want to jump back into that scene (the key reason: our needs have changed).  We simply are much more particular now and know it's impossible to assess our personal list of 'must-have' compatibility traits when we are shouting to be heard and have consumed several cocktails.

The dilemma we all face is simple...

How are we going to meet several hundred singles face-to-face in one evening while we all remain relatively sober?

Sue believes that Kevin, who is not only an accomplished speaker, writer and human insight strategist with global experience, but also ran a very successful singles social club for young Toronto professionals in the early 90's (called "Lucy, Ju Got Some 'Splainin' To Do") and followed that up with a rocking bar upstairs at 90 Avenue Road ("Lost My Coat" above "L'entrecôte"), is onto something with this seminar and 'mingler' concept: 
  1. Several hundred eligible adult singles in a "Connections Workshop",  talking together about better ways to connect.
  2. A bunch of really helpful, revealing insights into the sometimes conflicting tendencies of men and women.
  3. Tips to remind participants what to say and do with prospective partners in order to inspire conversations and keep them going. 
  4. Followed by a live practice session (casual chatting, not speed-dating!) with a glass or two of wine to lubricate one's efforts. 
Does that sound like an event that might lead to connections?  If you think so, buy a ticket and give this new concept a try.

It could be the first evening of the rest of your 'connected life'!