Try a Better, Far More REWARDING Way to Meet People

6 Insights Into Our 'Instincts', 
6 'Lessons for Life' 

Join like-minded business people and professionals meeting hundreds of other adult singles face-to-face the way we used to by going out to bars, but sober and without the deafening roar. Discover new ways to make connections more confidently and successfully by taking control of social media and learning better 1-on-1 techniques, then mingle with your fellow participants afterwards!

Come out on an upcoming Thursday in 2015 at 7 PM to the
 JJR MacLeod Auditorium on UofT's King's College Circle 
in downtown Toronto.

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Online Dating can bruise your ego, drain your energy and rob you of time, but like any other 'social medium' you can learn to leverage it, along with complementary Internet tools and unique 1-on-1 tactics, to achieve great results.  Through live, person to person contact you'll learn how to make quality connections and find true romance in our constantly evolving world of 'social networking'.  Format, content, fun and interaction make this workshop actually work!
  1. Several hundred eligible adult singles in a "Connections Workshop", talking together about better ways to connect (the last seminar like this in Toronto drew 600+ and was fully booked weeks in advance).
  2. A bunch of really helpful, revealing insights into the sometimes conflicting tendencies of men and women.
  3. Tips to remind participants what to say and do with prospective partners in order to inspire conversations and keep them going.
  4. Followed by a live practice session (casual chatting, not speed-dating!) with a glass or two of wine to lubricate one's efforts.

New things are being thrown at us today literally at blinding speed. Sure we're all smart, but sometimes our pride gets in the way of seeing what's really in our best interests. Evenings find us online doing our best to figure out how to do the right thing, thinking:

"This seems so easy, but it isn't working the way I thought it would.
Is anyone over 35 actually having real success with it?"

Who hasn't been on a few 'Coffee Dates' that were really visits to the 'Little Shop of Horrors', your unrealistically high expectations dashed by a set of photos you realize were shot on an ancient Pocket Instamatic once you were face-to-face? Or finding out too late you missed that Fatal Attraction was one of his/her favourite flicks? Or that "Pastime: Memorabilia" actually should have read: 'hoarder,' or that "slim" meant anorexic outpatient?
  • A surprisingly large portion of GTA adults are not in committed relationships.
  • You can get better results by doing some simple things differently. (Really!)
  • Every week women and men meet their new life partners at seminars just like this one. Why aren't people meeting you?
Spend a engaging evening with Kevin Lenard, an insightful and entertaining speaker who, through real life trial-and-error experience and a lot of intense analysis, has learned how you can be more effective at connecting online while getting back to old fashioned face-to-face networking. (Yes, another new concept: Building one-on-one relationships out in the real world!)

You'll join several hundred like-minded adults to experience how you can go beyond Internet dating to better leverage social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics to help you meet the kind of quality people and romantic partners you know are out there through:
  • Having a laugh at some stories of Kevin's own experiences (sometimes risque, often ego-bruising).
  • Practical, step-by-step advice on how you can enhance your professional and personal presence on the worldwide web.
  • Tips on recognizing your 'types' and connecting with them.
  • Demystifying 'social media' and showing you what you can do to be 'ahead of the curve'.
  • Secrets of how you can improve your 'connection success' online and off.
You'll meet some of your fellow participants during the two-hour seminar, you'll be introduced to industry experts and you'll get the chance to put your freshly enhanced connection skills to work at the one hour long facilitated "cocktail mingler" afterwards! The event starts at 7 pm sharp and wraps up at 10 pm.

The seminar leader, Kevin Lenard, is an experienced 'storyteller' who is really good at figuring out the human insights that drive our interactions and cement deeper connections. He has lived around the world working for ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey Worldwide on their P&G businesses, ran his own ad agency in Mexico for 6 years, blogs a lot, is a veteran at understanding the impact of new media, created and ran both a Singles Club and bar and claims to have another side to his personality named "Rex" who lives in a dog house in his brain (click to meet Rex).

The tales of Rex the Dog's experiences with a female cat named "Regina" (who is determined NOT to settle for anything less than the perfect tomcat - but occasionally really likes the company of an alpha male dog...) are just a few of the tools this 'Date Whisperer' uses to explain the mysteries of our 'opposite' sex partner prospects.

Sign up today for the seminar this fall, taking place on a weekday evening from 7 - 10 p.m. at the 500 seat J.J.R. Macleod Auditorium, #1 Kings College Circle, University of Toronto, just steps from University Avenue and College Street (Queen's Park subway station).  Just use the link below to purchase your ticket now and we'll put your name and email on the confirmed list (please don't forget to fill-in the "You heard about us from:" field if it pops up!) and we'll send you your ticket and map to the venue.

The inaugural seminar is just a buck!
(In return for you $1 'investment' we'll ask for nothing but  feedback.)

Cheryl Lee said:
"This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! No inebriated bar conversations; a chance to get away from the 'click-delete' online and meet some real live human beings in person."